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Think like a visitor. What does that really mean? If you’re in my business, marketing a destination like Columbus, Georgia, it means walking the talk as if you’re looking at your city for the first time. And that means, of course, that not only does the city have to look good, but getting around — whether it’s through the use of wayfinding signage, brochures, technology like mobile apps, and the like all work together.

It also means following trends and going through mountains of research so you can meet the expectation of the visitor and your partners. It can also mean “managing expectations” as our Ad Agency likes to remind us.

I hope to provide insights into thinking like a visitor; how our organization is tackling this, how others in the business are positioning themselves, and how leadership and strategic thinking can often times get you to the next level — even if you’re not smart enough to know what the questions are that will get you there.

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