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+ Posted by Peter Bowden

Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) are working though the disruption created by COVID-19. There is no silver bullet. Once a plan has been created, there's a shift in how the virus is impacting healthcare and the economy, forcing everyone back to the drawing board to reimagine change. Throughout the process of preparation and planning, here are some to tips to considerider. It is important to think strategically and time your approach with these ideas. The worse thing you could do is prospect and pitch services, when your customer is trying to figure out if they'll even be in business tomorrow.

  • Pivot your sales team from cancellations to new business development. 
    • Don’t sacrifice the long term for short-term savings – maintain your sales team to preserve revenue in the long term.
  • Think strategically, act locally. 
    • Be prepared to deploy your sales team to work the small, local opportunities that will come back first.
  • Develop relationships. 
    • As you make calls, don’t ask for the business, but rather ask how you can help; focus on building a partnership with local and regional planners.
  • Work with hotels. Offer virtual meetings where small groups can meet locally while collaborating safely with their counterparts in other cities.

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