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Branding - managing reputation

+ Posted by Peter Bowden

images Columbus Ga is rebranding itself. After 15-years of a successful brand strategy, it's time. The market is changing. There's the Great Recession. There's been the War on Terror. And so many other factors that make it almost impossible to ignore the fact that today is very different from when our community launched its branding campaign. Branding is no easy task - back then or today. Many of have already confused branding with a logo and tagline. Community Branding is managing the community reputation. What is Columbus known for? What do the locals think? What do our customers think - business travelers, visitors, investors, etc.? What is authentic to us as a community? Where do we want to be or how do we want to be perceived in the future?

Research and the development of a strong branding strategy is critical to the work that is ahead of us. Branding will help Columbus cast a vision that affects all decision making.

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Peter F. Bowden, TMP

President & CEO, Columbus Convention & Visitors Bureau

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