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How Are You Coping with COVID-19?

+ Posted by Peter Bowden

There's a new normal today. And we're all dealing with it in different ways. When you hear, read, or watch news about the latest on COVID-19 report, it's normal to feel anxious. Stress is normal. So what do you do? Here are a few tips that I found to help deal with the current health crisis.  

Manage Your Stress 

  • Stay informed. Refer to credible sources for updates on the local situation. Although popular and easily accessible, social media is sometimes not the best source for news.
    • State and local health Departments
    • CDC
  • Stay focused on your personal strengths.
  • Maintain a routine.
  • Make time to relax and rest.

Be Informed and Inform Your Family 

  • Become familiar with local medical and mental health resources in your community.
    • (see above) Local Health Department
    • Government -- elected and city officials should be distributing up-to-date information about what's happening inthe community and the area and how citizens should be responding to requests, such as stay at home, business closings, etc.
  • Avoid sharing unconfirmed news about the infectious disease to avoid creating unnecessary fear and panic -- see above about the reliability of social media.
  • Give honest age-appropriate information to children and remember to stay calm; children often feel what you feel.

Connect with Your Community online or through the phone 

  • Keep contact with family and friends through social messaging or through phone calls
  • Join community and/or faith group online chat groups
  • Accept help from family, friends, co-workers and clergy.
    • COVID-19 restrictions have asked us to practie social distancing and stay at home unless trips are deemed essential.
  • Reach out to neighbors and friends with special needs who may need your help.
    • See above about social distancing - practice common sense. You can offer assistance and check-in without compromising your own health and wellbeing

Reach Out and Help while maintaining necessary social distancing guidelines 

  • If you know someone affected by the outbreak -- meaning a familty member or close friend who has contracted COVID-19 -- call them to see how they are doing, and remember to keep their confidentiality.
  • Consider an act of kindness for those who have been asked to practice social distancing, such as having a meal delivered

Be Sensitive 

  • Avoid blaming anyone or assuming someone has the disease because of the way they look or where they or their families come from.
  • An infectious disease is not connected to any racial or ethnic group; speak up in kindness when you hear false rumors or negative stereotypes that foster racism and xenophobia.

As always. Be safe. Be optimistic. Be kind.

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