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Is Your Website Cool?

+ Posted by Peter Bowden

One of the destination's most important marketing tool is its website. Is yours cool? I mean when was the last time you revised it since it launched. Here are 8 rules to making it better.

  1. Avoid auto play music and video.
  2. Avoid mobile only sites - go with mobile optimization.
  3. Be careful with parallax scrolling (that thing where background images move by the camera slower than foreground images, creating an illusion of depth in a 2D scene and adding to the immersion) - too much is too much.
  4. No more pop-ups or modals that require user action before page content can be accessed.
  5. Splash pages need to go away.
  6. Using Flash - not good for mobile platforms.
  7. Image siders - too fast, too slow...mostly ignored.
  8. Showing off - just because your interactive team are geniuses, you don't have to throw in the kitchen sink to get your point across.

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Peter F. Bowden, TMP

President & CEO, Columbus Convention & Visitors Bureau

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