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Management Ideas

+ Posted by Peter Bowden

  1. Share information - commuicate the news that youcan, so minds don't wander.
  2. Say thanks - people want to feel appreciated. A simple thank you note doesn't cost a thing and it makes a huge difference.
  3. Empower through delegation - we know no one can do it as well as you can. BUT you need to delegateto give yourself time to complete tasks more appror[[aire for your level.
  4. Adjust your style - you have many different commication styles and personalities on your team. Don't think that you can manage everyone the same way and don't assome everyoen likes to be managed the way you like to be managed.
  5. Set small milestones - if you can't match last year's numbers, set mielstones that can be reached.
  6. Have fun - Your team wants to enjoy going to work. Play ten minutes!
  7. Remove obstacles - bureacacy stifles creativrity and inniation. Cut donw some of the paperwork.
  8. Give feedback - your direct reports want feedbacka dn it's crucial in making your team as productive as possible
  9. Raise Your hand - when your people see you putting in extra hours, they are inspired to jump in and floow your lead.
  10. Focus your time - it's the old 8-20 principle. Focus the majority of your time and attention on 20% of your people and projects that generate 80% of your resutls.

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