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Stop the Earwig!

+ Posted by Peter Bowden

UnknownLet's see a show of hands of attractions that have come out of the ground with no real marketing plan. The best intentions went terribly wrong with the attitude of "if we build it, they will come." With the advent of marketing professionals placing the majority of advertising budgets on-line, everything's a game changer. And now suddenly, the audience everyone wants - Millennials - research is suggesting that this consumer wants to be left alone!

Yep, 75% of millennials and Gen Z are saying they are disinterested in brands that advertise too aggressively on social media. Wait. What? So... how do you craft a strategy? Research suggests that your organization should have a strong presence on various digital and social media channels, BUT it’s best to let these consumers come to you.

  • Today’s younger consumers are much more likely to trust information they seek out themselves - and their sources for checking things out are blogs, websites and online communities.
  • Direct targeting on-line (via ads) can actually cost you customers
  • A more effective strategy is to be present on the channels they frequent; this new consumer wants to be the first to initiate contact; nearly 80 percent of them expect a response back within the same day; brands (destinations, attractions, etc.) who are not actively responding, monitoring and engaging with their customers online stand to lose Millennial visitors and jeopardize loyalty.

Trust To attract Millennials, we have to find ways to engage them authentically—in a dialogue—instead of just filling their news feeds with ads. Millennials want to engage with a brand, not just receive information and are more apt to seek out information on their own. Influence Millennials rely on Internet sources before making a purchasing decision, they don’t want to be told—especially by brand managers—where to look. To establish trust, brand managers are encouraged not to flood a users’ feed with aggressive ad campaigns. Instead, it’s best to play it cool. Tips for winning

  • Learn everything you can about the consumer -- so as to engage them authentically on social channels, owned communities and blogs.
  • Capture good data, then process that information into actionable insights -- what the customer wants and who to connect with them.

SOURCE: Flipboard Magazine, Tim Mottau

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