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+ Posted by Peter Bowden

COVID-19 has caused us all to pause and think different; as a destination marketing organization (DMO), as a visitor, local, you name it we're all looking at things completely different, so much so that it can be mind-numbing. One thing has not changed and that's planning -- specifically trip planning. If anything this sort of thinking is more important than ever, because things can suddenly change overnight.

A DMO or convention and visitors bureau, if you prefer, is still the best source for information -- whether it's speaking directly to someone at the information center of their website. Visitors to a destination can get reliable information about attractions, accommodations, restaurants, and events to get the most out their trip. The DMO is staffed with professionals who have first-hand knowledge about all things local and make it their business to answer practically any question a visitor may ask. So what kind of services can you expect? Here's our favorite short list:

  • Travel brochures
  • Hotel or restaurant recommendations
  • Family vacation ideas
  • Help planning a work-related meeting
  • How to plan a work-related trip and turn it into a mini-vacation
  • Family reunion planning
  • Finding a local vendor for services
  • Finding activities for children
  • Tips on exploring the local cultural and artistic scene
  • Securing a 12-month calendar of events

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