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Travel Trends

+ Posted by Peter Bowden

During a recent state travel conference one of our workshops focused on trends impacting the travel industry. Here are my top 10

1) People are cautiously optimistic that the Recession is over.

2) 64% of travelers look for service providers and prefer working directly with hotels vs. Online Travel Assoc. (, Orbitz, etc.).

3) 28% of people who travel will take a business trip.

4) 60% of people who travel look forward to getting away, because time and relaxation are important.

5) Convention & Visitors Bureau are THE source for inspiration when travelers research destinations.

6) 38% of people traveling use mobile devices (this number will continue to grow).

7) 71% of people traveling will try new things; it's important the destination reinvent itself.

8) "Celebration Vacations" are a new and emerging market - birthday getaways, anniversary getaways, divorce getaways, etc.

9) Visitor satisfaction is king.

10) The more affluent the consumer, the more important traditional media is in telling the destination story.

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