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What Selling Your Destination Says About You

+ Posted by Peter Bowden

Selling the destination is all about telling a story. One that holds your customer's attention and makes the appeal of the destination so desirable, so irresistible your audience has little choice but to visit, meet, etc. Here are 5 simple steps to win the war on conversion.

  1. Authority - be the expert. Know what you're talking about; not selling, no one wants to be sold. But tell the story about your destination, meeting venue, etc. Use testimonials from people who have already had great experiences. Make sure your online presence reflects your authority as the expert. Client logos, mentions in other publications all work in your favor.
  2. Anchoring - make sure the first piece of information in your story is rock solid. Decision makers rely on this more than the rest of your story. Try offering pricing and discounting as a strategy. Everyone likes a deal.
  3. Social Proof - Put people in your story. Whether its the an oral presentation or the advertisement, if the target audience can identify with someone who's already made the decision and is enjoying the experience in the destination - bingo! Your on-line strategy should include testimonials. Look at the popularity and dependency many consumers place in TripAdvisor.
  4. Loss Aversion - Craft your story in a way that the consumer feels that if they don't make the right decision, there's a missed opportunity; something that cannot and may not be replicated or offered again.
  5. Foot-in-the-door - It's all about relationships. We buy from people we know and trust. This step is not so much about pushing for the sale and the close, but about creating and nurturing the relationship. Email marketing is a great way for nurturing quality sales via email. Keeping your name, your destination promise, and your services in front of your customer helps with the ongoing relationship, ultimately helping the customer make their decision in favor of your offerings.

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