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You’ve Got It All Wrong

+ Posted by Peter Bowden

Have you started moving your ad budget from traditional media to on-line? Pretty smart. Travel consultant Roger Brooks suggests that at least 45% of your budget should be on-line. There's Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Your campaign is geo-targeted combined with the right keywords and ads that tell your destination story.

What about your social media strategy?

Regardless of what you may have read or... Read More

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Where’s your smartphone?

+ Posted by Peter Bowden

Can you hear me now? Based on some the latest trending news, mobile marketing is where you need to be. According to the latest stats on this sort of thing, last year, mobile marketing made huge strides in reaching consumers and this year there's no slow down in site. The number of people using smartphones continues to grow, evident with the seesaw battle for market dominance between iOS and Google operating systems and a market flooded with... Read More

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